Thursday, June 17, 2010

Online Reputation Management Australia

Every organization has public relation department to handle and maintain business relationships with the customers. But it becomes little difficult to maintain a positive image online over the years. Therefore, there is a need of online reputation management services that can help you reposition on the web by using various online tactics and techniques. If you want to reposition on the web again, contact us to get the cost effective ORM services.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Organic SEO Agency

It has become a necessity to enhance your web presence to reach to larger number of users online. There are many companies that are providing cost effective SEO techniques to increase the traffic on the site. So, hire SEO agency to become visible at the top of the search engines via organic listing. Contact us for more details

Friday, May 14, 2010

SEO Marketing Expert Needed

Opportunity knocking the doors once again!

Icreon is looking for a full-time, innovative and enthusiastic SEO marketing expert with the total working experience of 2-4 years in core SEO marketing. He/she should be well-versed with concepts of SEO, SMO, SME, link building, and PPC. Salary is no bar for a deserving candidate.

If you have the knack of marketing and have an ability to convince people, send in your resume now!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google Guaranteed Ranking

It has become a necessity to be on top of the major search engines like Google, yahoo etc. To achieve that, the competitive sites outsource the work to SEO companies to come up with keyword rich content for their sites. The SEO experts do thorough research for bringing your site on Google guaranteed ranking list. Contact US

Monday, April 19, 2010

Link Building Australia

We will provide devoted Link builder professional to work exclusively on your assignments. Our dedicated link builder specialist can generate up to 100 inbound links per month. Our dedicated link builders are more inclined towards evolving social networks and we are redefining our link building campaign adopting these social media optimization techniques.

We have around 15000 list of directories that we can use for one way linking. We will manually submit 50 directories per day and 1000 submissions in 20 working days. As per our experience we could provide 100 links per site in a month. We could also provide One-Way Links through Article Submission, Blog Submission, Social Bookmarking, and RSS Feeds. But they require generally extra efforts then directory submission.



a) One Way Link Building

b) Three Way Link Building

a) One Way Link Building:

As the name suggests it is linking of the website to another site without asking for a link to promote one’s own site it is merely a one way process there is no exchange of links between the parties. One way links can be promoted by the submission of directories, articles and press releases.

Some of the one way links building methods include the following:

  • Directory listing
  • Article submissions (Article writing is an extra effort)
  • Press Releases (Press Releases writing is also an extra effort)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Submission(Blog Creation and posting is also an extra effort)

b) Three Way Link Building

It is an extension of one way linking strategy. The process that is involved here does not require the linking to the site that links to ones site but rather linking to another site that does not link to ones site. This given a competitive advantage as search engine ranks it in higher terms for getting links from various websites to which one does not link back in return.

“A” is linking to “B” but “B” is linking to “A” on “C”

Estimated Costs & Work Agreement


Monthly management : $ 1500

Directory submission : 1800/Month

RSS submission : 60-80/Month

Social Bookmarking : 100/Month

Blogs postings* : 75 per month

Articles postings* : 60 per month

Press Releases : 50 per month


Monthly management : $ 1250

Directory submission : 1200/Month

RSS submission : 40-50/Month

Social Bookmarking : 50/Month

Blogs postings* : 50 per month

Articles postings* : 35 per month

Press Releases : 30 per month

PLAN –c (entry level)

Monthly management : $ 850

Directory submission : 850/Month

RSS submission : 20-30/Month

Social Bookmarking : 20/Month

Blogs postings* : 20 per month

Articles postings* : 10 per month

Press Releases : 10 per month

· *Articles and blogs writing not included in above pricing if required we will charge extra.

· Contract period should be for at least 6 months as this much time is required to implement all changes and also to start obtaining maximum rankings in search engines though the initial rankings will start reflecting just after a month of our SEO campaign.